Overview of NACCS Center

  • Background to Establishment

Our company was established under the name "Nippon Automated Cargo Clearance System Operations Organization" jointly by the public and private sectors as an authorized corporation in October 1977 before becoming an incorporated administrative agency in October 2003.
In December 2007, the Cabinet adopted the "Reorganization and Rationalization Plan for Special Public Institutions", which included the plan to privatize NACCS as an incorporation based on a specific law.
With the privatization, NACCS was expected to increase the efficiency of international logistics and to enhance the competitiveness of Japan’s ports and airports by taking such measures as streamlining its operations through the improved corporate management and providing better services to users by enlarging its scope of business. Subsequently, Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System, Inc. (NACCS Center) set out anew under its current name on October 1, 2008 based on the “Act for partial Revision of the Act on Special Provisions for Customs Procedure by Means of Electronic Data Processing System” (Act No. 46 of 2008)

  • Business Description

NACCS Center manages NACCS (Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System), a system for electronic processing of import/export related services, and engages in program development and modification and other services involved in the running of NACCS.

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