For Service Providers


Access Line Switching Discount Promotion

As NACCS Center have informed you in advance, the service for Dedicated Line (64kbps, 128kbps) is going to be abolished on 30th September, 2022.
We have “Access Line Switching Discount Promotion” for Service Providers who use dedicated line (64 or 128 kbps) and want to change their access line.

1.Application Preiod for the Discount Promotion

The 1st Period 15th Apr. 2019 ~ 14th Jun. 12th Jul. 2019*
(New access line will build after Oct. 2019.)
*1st period promotion has been extended to 12th July. 2019.
The 2nd Period 17th Sep. 2019 ~ 15th Nov.2019
(New access line will build after Apr. 2020.)

2.Target Access Line for the Discount Promotion

Target Access Line After Switching Access Line
Dedicated Line (64Kbps and 128Kbps) Dedicated Line (over 0.5Mbps) or Broadband (Fiber Optic)

Service Provider can apply to modify their access line at any time, of course outside of the Discount Promotion Period.
However when Service Providers apply to modify their access line outside of the Discount Promotion Period, the application modify is excluded from the Discount Promotion.
Service of 0.5Mbps is new access line and starting application time period is from Apr. 2019.
(Please note that starting providing time period is from Oct. 2019) 

3.Initial Cost for Switching Access Line

We discount "Initial Cost for Switching Access Line" up to 98,000 JPY per a access line.


  • We will stop accepting applications once the limit is reached.
  • It will take maximum 6 month to build new access line.
  • When SP apply this discount promotion, please email with your “Survey Sheet” to HELP DESK.
  • For more details, please refer to the other materials NACCS Center will send SP.